Rejuvenate Clinic

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Case Study: Rejuvenate Clinic

How we generated 160 new bookings in 6 weeks and 70 recurring clients that pay month after month for skin clinic services.

1) We performed research on on Rejuvenate Clinic current clients to understand their fears, goals and desire in using their services. From this we can understand the type of advertisements to create and how Rejuvenate Clinic can improve their services to improve customer satisfaction.

2) We created multiple facebook advertising ads that is displayed to females in a 5km radius from Rejuvenate Clinic location. We discovered rejuvenate clinic current clients are time poor thus we wanted to finding those who require beauty services are close to the clinic.

3) We created a lead generation system using messenger bot that allow for Rejuvenate Clinic to obtain their Name, Email & Mobile number in exchange for a voucher. This allowed Rejuvenate Clinic sales team to call the leads and book them into an appointment.

4) From those who registered for the voucher, we have stored them into a database so we can perform marketing in the future and bring them into the clinic.

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